Art by Brent Berry

Evolution of my art
A quick glance at how my art has evolved over time.

Give me more time.

Pre 1987 - Learning with pencil, Ink, metal, paint, etc.
Since childhood I've done 1000's of things but these are a few examples from the 60's to 1987.
 Many were nothing more than fancy doodles.  All for fun but sometimes good things happened.  

1987 to 1996 - Becoming more dedicated
Pencil, Ink, Metal, Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic and slate
After losing my job in 86 due to a work injury and the loss of my mom in 1987, I decided to direct my energy more into art.   In 1987 I started keeping a log of most of my drawings, paintings, repousse etc.  I made over 500 pieces during that period, these are some of them.
Art by  Brent Berry 87-98

1996 to late 2003 - Cancer, Radiation, Chemo, Depression, Loss of inspiration
Pencil, Oil Paint
 In Feb... 1996, after having a small lump removed from my neck, I had to get chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Suddenly my world changed and I was sick from the chemo overdose for years.  I didn't know if it was the lasting effects of the chemo or cancer or both that made me feel so weak and sick but it lasted for years and I couldn't escape it or the anguish that came with it.  I tried many times but could not be inspired.  I just knew it was going to eventually kill me and there was nothing that could help me out of the depressing state I was in.  I did some pencil drawings and sketches to try to get motivated but nothing could get me going.  I did less and less and then by 2003, I did not do one piece that year. some of the last times I did were sketches of a guardian angel coming to save me.  I had about given up on ever doing art again. I was just waiting for the end.

2004 and forward - Re-awakening from hibernation
Pencil, Ink, Metal, Watercolor, Slate, Photo-manipulation, Fractals, Digital Art,
 In Sept. 2003, I saw Bjork on TV.  I became very interested and distracted and started listening to her music constantly.  By Jan 2004 I did a pencil sketch of Bjork's tattoo, a vegvisir (Viking compass)   The next thing I knew, I was doing art and making things again, my work had a new meaning to me and I started to see the world from a new perspective.  Creating and making things is important therapy!  Music and art have helped heal me and I love life now more than ever before.   I was lost for so long, then a girl with a compass showed me the way!   These are some of the things done from 2004 to 2009.  
Art by  Brent Berry  3
Art by  Brent Berry 4

2009 to 2013 - Less traditional art, more digital art and photomanipulation.

2013 - I started experimenting with music and began doing less visual art.

2016 - Circuitry and Soul music available for digital download world wide.


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