My art being used without permission

  It feels great when you create something new.  It's a reflection of your imagination and skills and it usually has some personal meaning.  No one else in the world has it.  The person who designs or creates something, should be the one to decide what's done with their work.  They should also be compensated for their work by the people who want to use it.  My art may come from passion but I'm showing it on this site because I'm trying to find a way to make money at what I do.   With my age, extreme dyslexia, pain from old injuries, etc, I'm pretty much unemployable. But I still work every day.  I work hard but I don't have a pay check.  I'm slowly losing ground.  My art and music are all I have to offer but I can't seem to promote or sell anything.  I've made almost nothing from this site in all this time yet my work, my art, is being used by 100s of people around the world. How can I ever reach my dreams or my goal of being successful at what I do?  I'm failing because I'm only good at creating, not selling. I'm running out of time.  Life is too short and I'm worn out. I want to create but I'm tired of my work being stolen.

  This site is basically my art gallery, a place for me to present my art to the world along with the titles and descriptions that I want the viewer to see.  There are some personal images that I only want to be seen on my site.  Unfortunately many people have decided for me where and how my work will be used and that they use it for free.  They don't ask for permission and they don't give any credit for the work.  They simply come to my site, copy my art and use it as if they own it.  This website is my way of inviting you to have a look at my art.  I'm happy to show it to you but you don't have the right to take it and use it as your own or to hotlink to it.  It's like someone inviting you into their home and then you steal something from them just because you saw it and wanted it. I'm struggling hard to survive, if you appreciate my work enough to use it, wouldn't it be fair to give something in return?  I also have to pay for the bandwidth you use every time my work is viewed on your page or any other pages you've hotlinked my images to.

 This is not just a hobby, I work hard at what I do. I've invested thousands of hours into my art and this site.  If you honestly like it, please pay me something for it, don't just steal it!   Thanks, Brent

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