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Race to Earth by Brent Berry



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Repoussé  -  Hand Embossed Metal
Repousse- Brent Berry.

Recent  Additions

A small sampling of
 pencil drawings,  watercolors, rock paintings, etc.

Some photos of life around Denver and more!

A few samples of simple
gif animations.

A few photos in and
around my favorite city

Denver Colorado

Photos taken inside some of the Denver's area's older cemeteries, including Fairmount Cemetery and Denver's mysterious and spooky Riverside Cemetery

A haunted house I lived in as a child , The Tarabino House

I have a variety of different designs available on T-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs,etc.
Available at my Cafepress shop


Thumbnail collages of my art as it's evolved over time.  

It's amazing how much life's events can change our style!

Evolution of my art  - length: 3:41
A chronological sampling of art  from childhood to 2009 - Music by Iffer and Milkpot.

My ufo art is featured in the book "Art of Close Encounters" by Kim Carlsberg.

My repoussé Thor's Hammer was featured with a story by Arrowyn Craban
 in the March 2010 issue of HEX Magazine. Harvest issue 6


 I don't plan on going anywhere soon but life is unpredictable. I'm getting older and slowing down.  If I disappear, it won't be by choice.  If that happens, Brent Berry Arts will also dissapear within a year or so after.  I wish I could keep my site up forever as a way to say that I was here and to show how much I loved life, but I know I can't.  

  I hope to be around for a while but I just want to take the time to say thank you to all my friends, fellow artists, musicians and to all the wonderful people who have shown appreciation for my art.  I can't tell you how much your freindship, support and encouragement means to me!  

  It's so great to be alive on this beautiful planet and to enjoy life every day!  Every day of life is a gift and what would life be without  good people, art, music and the freedom to express yourself!

I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You, to all of you!  


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Please ask me before you use my images.

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