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This is more a personal site than a business.  Mainly a place to show my work.

I don't have much for sale here, some brass repousse pieces and some art prints of older historic Denver scenes.

 Most of my art was done for fun, because I was inspired to do it.  I realized years ago that I couldn't do custom work because my creativity can only come from my own passion.  I can only create quality things when I'm inspired to do so.  As I get older, I have more experience,  ideas and passion to create new things but now I can't do much the kind of art I used to love to do, especially the metalwork!  

 In the last few years I've been doing less art and I've been experimenting more with music.  I haven't added any music here because it's all still experimental and very odd.  I still do some photo manipulation and digital art, mostly for the music.


Race to Earth by Brent Berry



Viking & Nordic

Music Art
Photography - Photo Art - Digital Art
Photo Manipulations, Fractal Art, Supernatural, UFO's and more!

Repoussé  -  Hand Embossed Metal
Repousse- Brent Berry.

A small sampling of
 pencil drawings,  watercolors, rock paintings, etc.

Some photos of life around Denver and more!

A few samples of simple
gif animations.

A few photos in and
around my favorite city

Denver Colorado

Photos taken inside some of the Denver's area's older cemeteries, including Fairmount Cemetery and Denver's mysterious and spooky Riverside Cemetery

A haunted house I lived in as a child , The Tarabino House

I have a variety of different designs available on T-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs,etc.
Available at my Cafepress shop


Thumbnail collages of my art as it's evolved over time.  

Evolution of my art
A short chronological sampling of art  from childhood to 2009
Music by Iffer and Milkpot.


 Thank you to all who have shown appreciation for my art and music.  I can't tell you how much your support and encouragement means to me!  What would life be without  good people and the freedom to express yourself!
Thank You!  

All images on this website are copyrighted property of Brent Berry & 2004 - 2016
Please ask me before you use my images.

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