After creating artwork since childhood and always loving music, I naturally had to start experimenting with sound too.  I'm not a musician or a performer, I'm more of a musical experimenter and explorer but making music has become my passion. I experiment, compose, play, mix and produce the music, and publish some of them.  

  I don't have lots of gear, equipment or resources. The music is done with a mic, a MIDI keyboard, a Q-Chord, Audacity, Presonus Studio One and lots of experimentation.  Recorded sounds are manipulated in various ways to transform them into something more interesting such as alternative instruments, ghostly backgrounds vocals or virtual characters. Just as I hammer flat pieces of metal into repousse artwork, I do the same thing with recorded sound. Sometimes when you need something that you don't have, then you have to just make it.  So some tracks include some very odd things to help build the overall mood and atmosphere.  Instrumentals are blended with everything from natural ambient sounds to stretched and reversed metal and glass, sounds of machines, tools, random objects, angels, ghosts and yes, robot Voltina Sparx, aka Sound Effect, aka Unobtainium.  

  The music is influenced and inspired by many things, life, death, love, desire, curiosity, the unknown, paranormal, supernatural, science, time, space, ancient times, emotions, reality, fantasy, full moons, extreme dyslexia and more.  Expect the unexpected.

  Music has saved my life, now I have to make music too. I'm not a musician, only a dyslexic artist who's inspired to make music.  Music many things to me but including a form a of anti-stress therapy.  I play strange instrumentals and use other sounds in my music, some are by experimenting, designing and fabricating sounds.  I'm not aiming for perfection, I'm mostly trying to create music with feeling.  Music that sounds good to the ears and feels good to the soul.  Some of the music is just for humor and many are very strange, . Some are very suggestive but the music will only go where the listener's mind takes it.

 I mainly use a Q-Chord, a Keyboard and Studio One Producer for most recording and editing.  I make my own sound effects and also use effects and filters from Native Instruments and Reaktor but my favorite sound effect is Voltina the robot.  I've always wanted to make music like Pink Floyd, the Doors or Cab Calloway but the music is coming out differently than I had imagined.   The styles vary but the music is beginning to become a moody dark ambient style of downbeat feeling or melancholic music.  I want to make light happy music too but it usually comes out darker than intended. It's all experimental.  Each new track is a discovery process, a journey into the unknown.

Music in my life

I was exposed to a variety of music at an early age.

  The first music I can remember hearing was country and western music when I was a few years old.  I've always liked the music of groups like Sons of the Pioneers and Bob Wills. Old country Swing!  Since childhood I've liked the sound of the steel slide guitar, and Hawaiian guitar and later any guitar with a whammy bar.  I love to hear bending of sound in music when it's done with style and feeling.  That's why when I first handled and heard a Q-chord, I fell in love with it.

78 RPM Records
  When my parents moved from the haunted Tarabino house in Trinidad back to Denver, I was about 7 years old and we had an old shed in the back yard that was full of antiques and old stuff. There was also an old wind up Victrola record player for 78 rpm records. It was the kind with the big horn, made around 1900. The machine worked great but it had to be wound up after each record. There were also several boxes containing hundreds of those old 78 rpm records dating from the 1890's to the 1940s.  I listened to every one of them, and some of them, over and over again because they really were interesting and fun.  They were mostly American music, Fox Trots, Jazz, Swing, symphony, etc but there was also a lot of music from other countries, even Asian and Arabic music.  I was fascinated with all these interesting sounds from around the world and from the past.  I was only about 7 or 8 years old but I was getting good exposure to a wide variety of music from here and other cultures at an early age. I don't even know what all I was listening to but a lot of that music left lasting impressions, musical sounds and ideas in my head.

 Growing up in Denver, my dad listened to KLAK, a Country and Western radio station, my older brother and sister listened to Rock 'n Roll.  My older sister had a record player and records of her own and when she wasn't around, I listened to her records, 45 rpm and 33rpm.  When I got my first radio, I usually listened to rock 'n roll and Motown music on KIMN but sometimes at night I would tune in to KDKO and listen to soul music.  My parents listened to a variety but especially liked Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and Floyd Cramer.  

I enjoyed music classes in public school but I was only an average student.  Rock 'n roll became the music that I mostly liked but in my 20s I started driving cars from the 1930s and became fanatical about the 1920s 30s and 40s. I began listening to mostly 1920s and 30s music and became fanatical about it for years. Even back then I wanted to make music, I bought old used instruments and played around with them, guitars, violin, clarinet, saxophone, piano and other instruments. I tried to sing and play along with my favorite bands, Cab Calloway, Earl Heinz, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman.  I experimented and had a lot of fun but I never was very good at it so I kept going back to just doing artwork and making stuff.  During that time I also collected antique radios and microphones from the 1920s, 30's and 40's.  Plus 78 rpm records, and at one time had about 1200 of them. Many were in terrible condition but I loved all that interesting old music.  

Of course I still loved rock 'n roll, Pink Floyd, Doors, Hendrix and all, and also liked music that was a bit more mellow, like Moody Blues or Fleetwood Mac, also movie soundtracks and other dramatic sounding music. I've always liked moody, ambient, spooky, spacey, haunting, music and I've always loved hearing music with slow female vocals, ghostly or angelic sounding female choir or voice.  Healing sounds!
 In 1996 my life changed.  Cancer, strong chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  For over six years after that, I struggled to survive and to come back and to be myself but it wasn't happening.  I was staying alive but I still felt like I was dying. This chemo increases risk of 4 kinds of cancer and I could still feel the poison in my body for years. Or maybe it was only the damage to my body that I was feeling.  It didn't matter, It's indescribable how bad it was.  It was impossible to be positive when you're feeling so strange and sick and depressed.  I was lost and I was fading away.  

By late 2003, my inner strength was about gone.  I felt like my soul was slowly evaporating from my body day by day.  My mind and body felt so tired, drained and weak and some days I had awful thoughts.  

Then one night, I happened to hear the music of Bjork for the first time. (Pagan Poetry, Isobel, Unison)  It was not my kind of music but it was magic!!!  From that day, something happened to me.  I was awakened by this strange music and something inside me began to change.  This strange unique music suddenly distracted me from my problems, which I desperately needed, and then it filled my head with all kinds of new ideas when I needed help the most!  It was like strong medicine to me!  After that, I started to get some of peace of mind and new inspiration to do art again.  I started to get my life back.  I believe I am alive today because of music.  Music is more than enjoyable, it can also be beneficial, healing and even life saving to us.

After discovering Bjork's music and realizing there are no rules, I started thinking about music differently and opening my mind to new music, even craving it.  I  started listening to music on "Denmark Radio" on the internet and began to discover all kinds of new artists and interesting music.  Hannah Schneider, Trentemoller, Ratatat, and hundreds more!  By 2012  I couldn't resist any longer.  I had to try again to make music.  I already had a simple audio editing program "Audacity".  I had an old keyboard and I bought a used Q-chord and one night during a full Moon, I started experimenting and something strange happened. Things started coming together musically.  For the first time I stared to feel connected to the instrument and tuned into it, and it understood what I was feeling in some strange way.  Strange because I'm not a musician at all.  But I love to create things and now I also use sound.

Now, years after discovering Bjork's music, which helped save my life, I'm finally making my own music.  It started as experimental anti-stress therapy but it's become much more. It's become a form of art to take the place of the metal art that I used to do.  I practice, experiment, learn and slowly improve as I go.  Some songs have as many as 80 tracks.  I work hard at it and some of the earlier songs have taken weeks to complete.  I put my heart and soul into this music, trying to create something unique and hopefully enjoyable to others.


MUSICAL INFLUENCES INCLUDE: life, death, love, desire, beauty, art, music, nature, paranormal, mystery, supernatural, reincarnation, astral plane, OBE's, UFOs, EVP, aliens, time travel, astronomy, astrology, Vikings, Denmark, ancient times, ancient civilizations, truth, peace, freedom, robot women, alien women, ghost women, Guardian Angels, flying in my dreams and Full Moons.

A FEW BANDS, GROUPS & ARTISTS I LIKE: Pink Floyd, Trentemoller, Bjork, Cab Calloway, Ventures, Enigma, Beatles, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Doors, Hannah Schneider, Madness, Portishead, Moloko, Giana Factory, the Temptations, Ladytron, Sons of the Pioneers, CCR, Santana, Moody Blues, Josephine Philip, David Lynch, Led Zepplin, Efterklang, Robyn, Glenn Miller, Peggy Lee, Billy Holliday, Spike Jones, Falco, Bob Marley, DeVo, Specials, The Drifters, Ronnetts, Scott Joplin, Three Dog Night, Cars, Young Rascals, Stevie Wonder, Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, Lovin Spoonful, Ohio Players, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Carpenters, Jimi Hendrix, Sys Bjerre, Ratatat, Earth Wind and Fire, Lydmor, Steppenwolf, George Clinton, Bob Wills, The Who, Kolombo, Alabama Shakes, Hans Zimmer and more.

SOUNDS I LIKE IN MUSIC:  Woman's voice and vocals, sensual female vocals, soft spoken, whispers, sexiness with class, sound bending, ambient, downbeat, down-tempo, dark, chill, melancholic, eerie, moody, full of feeling, calming, relaxing, healing, mysterious, mystery, angelic, haunting and ghostly sounds. Interesting music with real human feelings and emotions coming through the instrument or the voice.

A Virtual Band

Necessity is the mother of invention  


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